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What Are The Advantages of the Cast Tool & Jig Plate?

Cast Tool & Jig plate (CT&J) is a generic reference for several different types or name brands of CT&J plates.  The two brand name CT&J plates Clinton carries are the Vista ATP-5 and the Alpase K100-S plates, which are both a modified 5083 aluminum alloy.

Our ATP-5 and K100-S are very similar products, except that they are produced by two different mills (Vista and Alpase). The only significant technical difference between the two plates is their flatness deviation on the 5/8” thick and thicker plates. For the ATP-5, the flatness deviation at 5/8” and greater is within 0.005”. For the K100-S, the flatness deviation is within 0.010”.

For specific product information and technical specs, please visit our ATP-5 or K100-S pages.

Advantages of CT&J Plate

The CT&J plate is the best choice when your application requires stringent flatness tolerances and dimensional control.  Our CT&J plate is produced with a precision, machined finish with a very tight thickness and flatness tolerance compared to the rolled plate alloys.

The CT&J plate also offers excellent welding ability, anodizing qualities, superior corrosion resistance, and is vacuum and pressure integrity guaranteed. These properties make it the alloy of choice for customers in the automotive & aerospace fixtures, plastic molds including injection & blow molds and assembly & machining jigs & fixtures industries.

Below, is a video showing an overview of Vista Metal’s metal and casting processes.

CT&J Plate Comparisons

Customers who want to know the differences and/or advantages of our CT&J plates are usually comparing them to the rolled alloy plates of 6061, 2024 & 7075.  The chart below compares the flatness tolerances and dimensional control specifications of each product.

Thickness ToleranceWithin .005"Within .005"Varies per thicknessVaries per thicknessVaries per thickness
Flatness Deviation.25"-.50" Within .015".25"-.50" Within .015".25"-3" is 3/16" in any 6 ft .25"-3" is 3/16" in any 6 ft .25"-3" is 3/16" in any 6 ft
Flatness Deviation⅝ " & Up Within .005"⅝ " & Up Within .005"3.001"-8" is ⅛" in any 6 ft or less3.001"-8" is ⅛" in any 6 ft or less3.001"-8" is ⅛" in any 6 ft or less
Typical Yield18 ksi18 ksi40 ksi47 ksi73 ksi
Typical Tensile41 ksi41 ksi45 ksi68 ksi83 ksi
Elongation in 2"12 - 15%12 - 15%
Density0.096 lb./in. ᵌ0.096 lb./in. ᵌ0.097 lb./in ᵌ0.10 lb./in ᵌ0.102 lb./in ᵌ
Brinell Hardness7060-7095120150
Thermal Conductivity81 btu/ft ²hr°F81 btu/ft ²hr°F1160 btu/ft ²hr°F840 btu/ft ²hr°F900 btu/ft ²hr°F
Welding CharacteristicsExcellentExcellentExcellentAverageBelow Average
AnodizingVery GoodVery GoodAverageAverageSpecial Procedures Req'd
MachinabilityVery GoodVery GoodAverageAverageAverage

Disadvantages of the CT&J Plate

At Clinton, our slogan is “The right alloy for your application.” Our goal is to find out what you are trying to achieve, so we can suggest the proper alloy and/or product for that application.

We are not afraid to recommend a product that we do not even stock. The disadvantages are really dependent on the customer’s needs/application. Please contact us at 800-826-3370 to discuss your specific product needs.

Clinton CT&J Plate Competitors

The main competitor plates to our ATP-5 & K-100S Cast Tool & Jig Plates is the Alcoa Mic-6 CT&J plate, which is a 7000 series alloy. View the CT&J comparison chart PDF.


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