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Tsune Circular Saw


The Tsune TK5M-150GL is an industrial circular saw designed for high-volume cutting. This particular machine is designed specifically for cutting aluminum and comes equipped with a six inch diameter blade. The TK5M is specifically designed with industrial applications in mind and is extremely durable, weighing a little over 5,000 lbs.

Why Use Circular Saws?

Circular saws have long been the preferred choice for cutting aluminum, as circular saw blades can maintain the same speed while cutting through the material, which keeps production moving quickly and keeps the material from being damaged.

Circular saws are optimal for cutting aluminum with a thickness between one half an inch and six inches and for manufacturers that specialize in the production of aluminum, as the material is generally more finished and polished.

Using brass blade guides and a ball screw gripper feed, the saws are accurate in their cutting to one-tenth of a millimeter and can cut a section of aluminum that is 150 millimeters in diameter in approximately three seconds. This is why Clinton Aluminum uses the TK5M saw.

Design Of The Tsune TK5M

Tsune circular saw for cutting aluminum - front viewThe saw of the Tsune TK5M is made out of carbide. Carbide saws are specifically designed for non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper and brass. The blade can spin between 1,310 RPM and 3,280 RPM. The speed of the blade is important because a higher speed helps to maintain the smoothness of the material.

The TK5M is equipped with dual horizontal and vertical clamping to allow material to be cut into a variety of shapes and dimensions. The TK5M can cut round aluminum materials between 40 and 150 millimeters in diameter and square materials between 40 and 130 millimeters in diameter. The length of aluminum bar that can be cut ranges between 2,600 millimeters and 6,000 millimeters.

The TK5M is suitable for high-volume production because of the automatic incline magazine. Because the TK5M is equipped with automatic remnant sorting, it means that it can sort out trim without an operator. This means that the machine can work for long periods of time – independent of an operator.

The saw was also designed to be environmentally-friendly, using hydraulic power packs instead of oil sumps and spray misting the blades to cool them instead of flooding them with coolant.

Operating the Tsune Circular Saw

The machine is operated electronically via touch screen and analog switches using CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The saw can be operated manually or automatically and can store work data such as cutting speeds and widths to speed up production.

For employee safety, the covers surrounding the saw are locked during operation and can only be opened when the saw blade is not in use.

How the TK5M Helps the Customer

All of the design features of the TK5M allow it to cut and process material with minimal effort from operators or other personnel. The CNC controls allow production to be pre-set while the feeding mechanisms and incline magazine allow the machine to run independently for some time before more aluminum needs to be added.

Running at peak efficiency, the saw can cut in eight seconds what older saws used to be able to cut in one minute. By relying less on manpower and cutting in greater volume than what was previously possible, the TK5M allows for far faster production of aluminum materials.

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