Weldural Aluminum Plate

Molds for blow forming and injection molding for the plastic processing industry

Product Description

This Weldural aluminum plate is made up of a high quality material, and is a modified 2219 aluminum alloy. It is commonly used within the mold construction industry. This product was designed to have excellent welding capabilities and resistance to high temperatures. Weldural alloys have great strength, which is comparable to aluminum alloys with medium to high strengths. This product can be compared to alloys in 2017A and 7075 grades, when it comes to machinability, ability to be polished and resistance to wear. However, this metal does have its own unique advantages. For instance, this alloy is able to maintain its high strength at higher temperatures when compared with 7000 series alloys. It also has great weldability, which can be compared to that of 5083 alloys. Weldural offers consistent properties throughout its thickness range. This capability, along with Weldural aluminum’s low level of internal stress allows it to have high dimensional stability and excellent machinability.

This grade of aluminum has excellent uniformity, resistance to corrosion and resistance to wear. It is also has a high capability of being polished. It is common for this grade of alloy to be used for blow molds, injection molding, and refrigeration engineering. It has mechanical parts that are very precise, thanks to its high dimensional stability.

Weldural aluminum is a low weight metal. It is in fact three times lighter than steel. It also has machinability that is four times better than steel. Its mechanical properties are very uniform across its total thickness. Cold compression and stress relieving stretching can be used to obtain its excellent dimensional stability.

Thickness Min: 3″
Max: 6″
Length Max: 144
Width Min:48
Max: 60
Other (Wall, Etc…) N/A
Tolerances Varies by Size


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