Formodal® 030

Considered to be state of the art in the CT&j plate product line in the world, Formodal® 030 is part of the 5083 cast aluminum plates.

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Product Description

Formodal® 030 tooling plates, produced in the fully automated production line of Bikar Metal, hold true to the reputation of German precision and engineering. These stress relieved AA 5083 tooling plates offer the tightest tolerances of any aluminum plate on the market and are used in numerous industries where flatness and dimensional stability are required.

Machinability of Formodal® 030 is excellent at high speed cutting and feeding rates. The exceptional flatness tolerance and surface condition, the material’s virtually porosity free structure, and a special homogenization process relieving internal stress, play critical roles in making Formodal® 030 excellent in a variety of applications. These include drill jigs, vacuum chucks, assembly jigs and fixtures, printing machine components, aircraft parts, automotive tools, plastic and rubber molds, blow molds, CNC routing tables, medical instrumentation, electronic parts, hydro press form blocks, prototypes, foundry patterns, circuit printers, refrigeration technology, and food machine components.

Formodal® 030 also stands out in the tooling plate market because of the material’s consistency. No recycled material is used in the casting process, leading to a tight range of its chemical composition in each batch. As a result, key properties such as HB, tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation are highly reliable. The tensile strength of Formodal® 030 is 35-41 ksi and yield strength is 16-19 ksi. Hardness is 70-80HB and typical elongation is 16%. Thermal conductivity is 63.5 – 80.7 Btu/ft x h x F.

Formodal® 030 is very corrosion resistant and has good anodizing properties, however it is not typically recommended to anodize this alloy for decorative purposes. For more unique and decorative anodizing applications, Formodal®024 elox – the specialty material with improved anodizing abilities, would be the right alloy for the job.

As with other 5083 cast aluminum plates on the market, Formodal® 030’s density is less than 7000 series cast plates such as the MIC-6, leading to significant weight savings.

Plates come with a protective PVC on both sides. Plates are available from .20” to 6.3” thick in dimensions in lengths up to 236” and widths up to 94.49”.

The difference is in the way Formodal® 030 is produced. The latest technologies combined with an unparalleled level of automation deliver consistency, quality and cost savings.

The thickness tolerance on all gauges of Formodal® 030 is +/- .003”. On gauges above .5”, Formodal® 030 offers flatness tolerance within .003” – .005”. Between the gauges of .25” – .49” the flatness tolerance is within .014” – .017”. The surface condition of Formodal® 030 plates have a roughness (Ra) of 7.87 – 15.75 µin.