Duramold 2 Cast & Scalped Round Bar

Product Description

The Duramold 2 cast and scalped round bar is made of an alloy that is highly diverse. It is commonly used in a variety of applications for mold making. The characteristics of the Durmold 2 cast are what make this product popular, which includes its excellent machinability and welding capabilities. Its performance is typically outstanding and consistent when placed in elevated temperatures. The dimensional stability of Duramold 2 alloys is unsurpassed in the metals industry. The molds that are created using Duramold 2 use high quality processing and equipment systems. The durability of this metal is high, given its high brinell hardness.

The tensile strength of Duramold 2 alloys is 38,000 psi and yield strength of 20,000 psi. This product has between 7 and 9 percent elongation in 2 inches. Duramold 2 also has excellent thermal conductivity. This grade of alloy was designed for use in vacuum tools, semi-conductors and foundry tools. It is frequently used in applications like rubber molds and heating and cooling plates.

The superiority of Duramold 2 alloys has to do with its great stability, high corrosion resistance, improved properties at elevated temperatures and high density. When and if needed, anodizing can be used on this product. This would help to improve the corrosion levels of this metal. The tolerance levels for this metal are a thickness of +.125/-0, width of +.25/-.00 and length of +.25/-.00.

Gas arc welding can be used for this product. It’s important that the product first be wiped clean of any oils and greases. A clean rag with a solution like acetone should be used for cleaning. No preheating is required, but if desired should be done at no hotter than 250 degrees F.

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