7075 Aluminum Flat Bar

Designed for use in aircraft fittings, gears, shafts, fuse parts, missiles, regulating valves, keys, aircrafts, aerospace, and applications that require high strength aluminum.

Product Description

The 7075 aluminum flat bar is a popular choice for use in applications because of its toughness. It is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available on the market today. It has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, making it optimal for use for parts with high stress. Forming can be done on this metal when it’s in the annealed condition, followed by heat treatment. For an aluminum alloy, the 7075 grade is rather tough. During formation of this metal, it has greater springback. It’s recommended that the metal be warmed in temperatures between 200 and 250 degrees F if difficulty arises when attempting to form it in the annealed condition. Heat treating can be used to improve this alloy’s high-strength capabilities. Its properties are also outstanding in cooler temperatures. The electrical conductivity of this alloy is 36 percent of copper.

To give an idea of the strength of this metal, here are the measurements: tensile strength is 83,000 psi, yield strength is 73,000 psi, shear strength is 48,000 psi and brinell hardness is 150. Because this aluminum has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, it is commonly used for structural parts that are highly stressed. Some of the applications in this category include missile parts, fuse parts, worm gears, meter gears, aircraft fittings, keys and regulating valve parts. It is also frequently in a variety of other aerospace and defense equipment and commercial aircraft components. It can also be used in the plastics industry as mold material.

Thickness Min: No Data Max: No Data
Length Max: No Data
Width Min: No Data Max: No Data
Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: No Data Max: No Data
Tolerances Thickness: +.125/-.00 Width: +.25/-.00 Length: +.25/-.00
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