303 Stainless Steel Square Bar

Designed for use in aircraft parts, valves, valve trims, screw machine products, bolts, screws, and architectural applications.

Product Description

The 303 stainless steel square bar is a popular metal that is mainly used for parts that need polishing, machining or grinding. Because it is alloyed with sulfur, it offers great corrosion-resistance. It is a non-magnetic metal, making it ideal for moving parts, especially on airplanes and other aviation machines. The parts that the 303 stainless steel is used for include screws, bolts, valves, aircraft parts and machine parts. It’s not recommended for use on vessels that carry gases or liquids under high pressure.Since it is alloyed with sulfur, the 303 stainless steel square bar is readily machinable. Compared to other chromium-nickel stainless steel grades, the 303 stainless steel is the most machinable. The machinability rating that it has received is 78 percent of B1112. It’s not great for welding projects, but can be done with some difficulty. When forging this metal, it’s best done at temperatures ranging between 2100 and 2350 degrees F, but definitely not below 1700 degrees F.

Heat treatment can’t be done for the 303 stainless steel square bar. Cold working can be performed, which is used to increase its hardness and strength. The temperature range for annealing this metal should be between 1850 and 2050 degrees F. Water can be used to cool off the heavier sections, while air cooling can be used for the sections that are lighter. The stress relieving point can be achieved between 400 and 750 degrees F.

This grade of stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion, but is less than 304 and 316 stainless steels.

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