2024 Aluminum Round Bar

Designed for use in aerospace, structural components, couplings, hydraulic valve bodies, fuse parts, gears and shafts, pistons, rectifier parts, missile parts, fasteners, cap nuts, bolts, hardware, truck wheels, transportation industry parts, and computer components.

Product Description

The 2024 Aluminum Round Bar is a product that is widely used in the aerospace industry because of the properties that it exhibits. It is a product that offers good strength to weight ratios, high tensile and shear strength, good fatigue resistance and superior machinability.

There are many other industries besides the aerospace industry that can take advantage of the 2024 Aluminum Bar. It can also be found in use in the transportation industry, the computer industry and other industries where precision parts are needed. It can be used in hydraulic body parts, hardware, shafts and gears, pistons, nuts, bolts, and structural components.

The 2024 Aluminum Round Bar offers a tensile strength of up to 70,000 psi. It also shows good fatigue resistance and it also has good corrosion resistance. It is also well suitable for numerous marine and aerospace applications, due to the rigidity of the product. Its machinability also allows for quick manufacturing of custom parts that require the increased strength provided through the use of the aluminum bar.

It is not recommended that this product be used for welding. This process can cause the bar to become degraded, which can impact the fatigue resistance and the corrosion resistance properties of the alloy. When welding is necessary, it is best to use spot welding techniques to preserve as much of the product as possible.

The versatility of this bar, including the machinability, strength and corrosion resistant properties, have made it one of the premiere alloys in numerous applications and industries around the world.

Thickness Min: No Data
Max: No Data
Length Max: No Data
Width Min: No Data
Max: No Data
Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: No Data
Max: No Data
Tolerances Thickness: +.125/-.00
Width: +.25/-.00
Length: +.25/-.00