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Clinton is a stainless steel tee bar distributor. These tee bars are available in the following alloy: 304.

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Clinton is the nation’s premier leading supplier of aluminum plate metals, offering a wide variety of selections useful in an array of heavy duty applications. Due to our extensive processing regimen we are able to ship all orders within a 24 hour time frame upon ordering! The variety of alloys that we carry make useful applications in different environments where depending on the product and alloy combined each product will vary in strength and weakness.

This steel alloy has a machinability rating of 45 percent of B1112. It is recommended to not attempt to forge this type of metal under 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, but rather all forging occur between 2100 degrees Fahrenheit and 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. The 304 steel alloy cannot be hardened using a traditional heat treatment.

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The 304 stainless steel tee bar is made of a chromium-nickel alloy which results in the ability to be able to resist intergranular corrosion, rust and high heat. This steel has an overall low carbon content deeming it safe for construction welding in as long as the operation does not exceed a service limit of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

304 stainless steel tee bars are used in a wide array of industries including food and beverage, paper, chemical, architecture, dairy, aerospace and automotive.

Within these industries this grade of steel product, 304, is used in a number of ways where it is commonly chosen for parts that have a need for grinding, machining, welding and/or polished.

304 steel alloys, such as the 304 steel tee bar, are an excellent choice for all-purpose or general steel usage, where they make an ideal candidate for stamping, drawing or forming.

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