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Clinton is a stainless steel square tube distributor. These square tubes are available in the following alloys: 316, 304, 316L, and 304L.

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Clinton Aluminum is your premier supplier of aluminum plate materials. Due to the thickness and overall toughness of aluminum plates they are an ideal material for heavy duty submissions. The different type of alloy gives each individual plate varied levels of strength and durability, making each alloy suitable in different applications. We offer four alloy selections of stainless steel square tubes: 316, 316 L, 304, and 304 L.

The 316 grades of stainless steel alloys are commonly referred to as marine grade stainless steel due to the steels high resistance in warm salt water. The 316 alloy grades of stainless steel square tubes tolerate cold forming well, where types to be applied include swaging, bending, roll forming and cold heading. Additionally, fusion type methods of welding can be used on this grade of steel that can be achieved either with or without filler metals.

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The 316 and 316 L alloy stainless steel tubes are specially designed to suit a wide array of applications. This type of steel is alloyed together with nickel, chromium and molybdenum, which makes them rather strong, thus useful in a host of different industries.

Such industries include textile, architecture, marine, food and beverage, paper, dyeing and environmental.

A few examples of some common applications for the 316 grade tubes are chemical processing equipment, boat fittings, food prep equipment, and tanks (just to name a few). The 316 and 316 L stainless steel tubes have excellent formability and weldability, machinability is also considerable.

The 304 grade tubes are nickel and chrome alloys that are more easily welded. They are resistant to intergranular corrosion, rust and high heat temperatures. This grade of stainless steel alloys is most commonly used in the handling of corrosive materials; such as the transport of aggressive acids and crude oils.

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