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Clinton is a stainless steel coil distributor. These coils are available in the following alloy: 304.

For complete pricing and stock information on our stainless steel coil products, please call 800-826-3370.

Coils are thin sheets of metal that are heated and then rolled into a circular shape. Coiled sheets are between .006” and .019” thick. Coils serve a variety of uses. Clinton is your stainless steel coil distributor, and we carry stainless steel coils in the 304 alloy variety. Please call 1-800-826-3370 to speak with us about available stock, pricing, and shipping.

Stainless steel coils have numerous different applications. They are used in architectural components, kitchen and cooking equipment, joints for other materials, hinges, furnace parts, and as an insulating material in equipment.

Stainless steel has a few advantages over other materials when using it for coil. Stainless steel has very high corrosion resistance, which allows it to be used in places that would degrade other materials. Stainless steel has a polished appearance that allows it to be easily used for decorative work, which is important for architectural components. Most alloys are also extremely durable and require very little maintenance to work for years on end. This makes stainless steel coil an excellent choice when the product needs to keep its strength for long periods of time.

The 304 is one of the most popular stainless steel alloys because its properties are generally well-balanced and it is suitable for most tasks. The material has a good strength-to-weight ratio, good durability, high corrosion resistance, and good machinability that allows it to be worked as needed. Common uses include kitchen equipment, structural components, and chemical processing equipment.

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