Aluminum wide flange beam Supplier

Clinton is an aluminum aquare bar distributor. These wide flange beams are available in the following alloy: 6061.

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Aluminum wide flange beams resemble traditional I-beams but with wider flanges that run parallel to the web of the material. It has numerous different applications, though it is most commonly seen as a fence or vent. Clinton is your aluminum wide flange beam distributor. We carry them in the 6061 alloy.

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Aluminum has several useful characteristics which make aluminum wide flange beams a good choice. Aluminum is lighter than many other materials but still maintains a good strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is cheaper than many other comparable materials, such as stainless steel. Lastly, aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion and can be used in environments that would degrade other materials.

Wide flange beams are developed especially for structural applications and architectural uses and are more commonly used than I-beams. Wide flange beams are used as structural components such as columns, floor supports, bridge construction, and other supports.

6061 is one of the most commonly-used aluminum alloys, and its popularity results from its adaptability and versatility. It has a good balance of tensile strength and durability. 6061 is extremely resistant to corrosion, which allows it to be used in marine or caustic environments. Its mechanical properties are very good and it can be machined or welded with ease. 6061 wide flange beams are used as architectural and structural supports.

Aluminum wide flange beam Products