Aluminum Sheet Distributor

Clinton is your aluminum sheet distributor. Among our inventory are the following alloys: 7075, 5052, 3003, 2024, and 6061.

Because each aluminum alloy provides different strengths and weaknesses depending on the composition of the material, it is important to select the appropriate aluminum sheet for the task at hand.

Aluminum sheet is any aluminum product that is less than a quarter of an inch thick. Sheet is an essential material for several industries, most notably aerospace and automobile construction. Aluminum sheet is produced through by passing an aluminum ingot through high-pressure rollers until it reaches the desired dimensions. Aluminum sheet is an easily recycled material, and recycling sheet aluminum costs a tenth of the energy needed to produce new aluminum.

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Leading car manufacturers have been integrating aluminum plate into car construction because aluminum is cheaper to produce. Additionally, the lighter weight of aluminum improves the fuel efficiency of vehicles as they require less energy to move the vehicle.

Aluminum’s corrosion resistance means that aluminum sheets are frequently used in the production of marine vehicles. Builders and construction firms use aluminum sheets as siding for houses and gutters. Aluminum sheet is even used to make certain home appliances.

The 2024 sheet has a high strength-to-weight ratio because of the use of copper as an alloying element. 2024 is one of the most commonly used alloys for aerospace applications because of its good fatigue resistance, so it is commonly found on fuselages and the wings of airplanes.

The 3003 sheet has an average strength-to-weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, good machinability, and responds well to welding. It is commonly used in the construction of ductwork, garage door panels, cooking utensils, and storage tanks. 3003 responds well to anodizing.

5052 sheet is an aluminum alloy that is mixed with manganese. It responds very well to machining and has one of the best weldability ratings of all aluminum alloys. Because of its high corrosion resistance, it is commonly used in marine settings where salt water cannot corrode the material.

6061 is one of the most versatile aluminum alloys on the market. 6061 sheet is commonly used in truck beds, autobody parts, tool boxes, trays, and ornamental features.

7075 is an alloy mixed with chromium to prevent stress-fracture cracking. It has a good strength-to-weight ratio and has moderately good corrosion resistance. It is best suited for aerospace applications as well as creating molds in manufacturing.