Aluminum Round Bar

We are a distributor of aluminum round bar products including: Duramold 2 Cast & Scalped Round Bar, M-1, 2024, 7075, and 6061.

Aluminum bar products are manufactured by heating a square ingot of aluminum, passed through rolls into coil shapes, and then reheated to extrude the material and create the square shape. It can be manufactured into a variety of sizes and widths. A bar is considered round if it maintains a circular shape.

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This kind of bar product is ubiquitous today, with dozens of different applications in electrical applications, airplane structural components, structural support, transportation, decorative pieces connecting pieces of machinery, automotive parts, and even computer parts. You might notice it most commonly as support pieces for furniture at home.

The Duramold 2 Round Bar is frequently used in mold-making applications. The composition of the Duramold 2 bar gives it tremendous resistance to heat as well as tremendous strength, allowing it to be used in high volume applications.

The M-1 aluminum bar uses an aluminum alloy that is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and has a very good strength-to-weight ratio. It was originally developed as an alternative to steel products. Common applications for this product include injection molds, blow molds, rubber molds, foundry tooling, and vacuum tools.

The 2024 round bar product is noted for its strength and durability.. It is frequently used in settings that require highly durable products, such as airplane components, truck wheel parts, missile parts, and pistons.

The 7075 round bar is one of the strongest aluminum round bars on the market, with a high strength-to-weight ratio and considerable resistance to stress. It is commonly used in aerospace parts where high strength is required.

The 6061 round bar is one of the most versatile aluminum products on the market. It is found in numerous different places, including machines, automobiles, airplanes, and electrical components. Because of its resistance to corrosion, it is also used in marine settings.

Aluminum Round Bar Products