Aluminum Mold Alloy Supplier

Clinton carries the following aluminum mold alloys: 6061, K100S cast tool and jig aluminum plate, ATP-5 cast tool and jig aluminum plate, duramold 2, M-1, 7075, hokotol, weldural aluminum plate, and alumold. Different alloys mold different strengths and weaknesses, meaning that the correct alloy must be chosen for each use.

Molds are rigid frames or matrices used to shape liquid or plastic material into varying shapes. There are numerous different kinds of molds and mold techniques: blow molding, injection molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, and so on. These materials are seen exclusively in industrial settings.

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While steel has been the traditional material of choice for many, aluminum molds are an increasingly popular choice right now for several different reasons. For mold manufacturers, aluminum offers 15% to 25% in savings over steel.

Because aluminum is a softer metal than steel, it is suitable for materials that aren’t abrasive or for less complicated parts. Aluminum cools and distributes heat more equitably, which makes it especially useful in certain high-temperature industries. Plate aluminum can be recycled more easily than steel materials, which saves money for the manufacturer.

6061 and the ATP-5 are one of the most commonly used aluminum alloys because of their versatility. They are recommended for low-pressure applications such as blow-molds and compression molds.

The K100S is suitable for low-volume molds, vacuum molding, and for mold cooling.

Duramold-2 and Alumold are one of the harder and more durable aluminum alloys, making it suitable for molds which process harder or more abrasive materials. While it can be applied to plastic molds, it also functions well as a structural foam mold, a thermoform mold, RIM molds, RTM molds, and compression molds.

7075 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available which makes it suitable for the creation of prototypes, blow molds, and injection molds, particularly for creating mold tools.

The M-1 Plate, Weldural, and Hokotol was designed with the plastic industry specifically in mind and is suitable for a variety of different mold applications: injection molding, blow molding, structural foam molding, RIM molding, RTM molding, and rubber molds.

Aluminum Mold Alloy Products