Aluminum I-Beam Supplier

Clinton is an aluminum I-beam distributor. These I-beams are available in the following alloy: 6061.

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I-beams are any beam product with two horizontal flat edges, giving it the shape of the letter “I.” Their design gives them considerable strength and fatigue resistance, which means that they are used for structural and architectural applications. .

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I-beams are easily recognizable because of their common use in construction work. The vertical part, known as the “web” resists shear forces while the flat edges resist the bending caused by the beam. Common uses for I-beams are in construction as support pieces, where the I-beam can resist tremendous pressure. It is also used in trailer parts, truck beds, railings, and overhead supports.

Aluminum is a good choice for I-beams for a few different reasons. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which allows it to be used when a lighter material may be more useful. It is highly resistant to corrosion, which allows it to be used in caustic or corrosive environments. It is cheaper than stainless steel while still having some of the strength of that material. Lastly, aluminum can be machined and welded easily.

6061 aluminum is the most commonly used aluminum alloy on the market today because of its strong balance of advantages. It has good tensile strength and fatigue resistance compared to other aluminum alloys, it is highly resistant to corrosion, it can be machined very easily, and it responds well to welding. It is durable enough to be used in maritime applications that would corrode other metals. Common uses for 6061 I-beams are as building supports, railings, and vehicle components.

Aluminum I-Beam Products