Aluminum Channel Supplier

Clinton is an aluminum channel distributor. These channels are available in the following alloys: 6063 aluminum channel and 6061 aluminum channel.

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Aluminum channels are any aluminum products which are extruded to form a u-shape, most commonly with two ninety-degree angles. The edges may be rounded or squared off depending on the customer’s requirements and the material. Clinton is your aluminum channel distributor, and we carry aluminum angles in the 6061 and 6063 alloys.

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Channels are integral for architecture and for creating machinery and furniture. Channels are extremely important for binding together structural components, though they are commonly used in machinery, railings, frames, and paneling.

Aluminum is a popular metal choice for a few different reasons. Aluminum materials are lighter in weight and cheaper to manufacture than stainless steel or wood products. Aluminum materials are typically highly resistant to corrosion, cannot be damaged by insects, work well in marine settings, and have a high strength-to-weight ratio.

The 6061 aluminum alloy is one of the most versatile aluminum alloys on the market and is equally adept for use in production, architecture, and furniture. It is one of the most corrosion-resistant alloys, which allows it to be used in marine or caustic environments that would damage other metals. Furthermore, it has a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be machined easily. 6061 aluminum channels are used in automobiles, home furnishings, electronics enclosures, windows, and ladders. Because 6061 can be joined to other pieces easily, it is suitable for machinery, valves, and vehicle fittings.

6063 aluminum is most commonly used in architectural settings. This is because the alloy is durable, resistant to corrosion, responds well to anodizing, and because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The fact that 6063 channels can be annealed easily means that the channel will often have a pleasing finish. 6063 aluminum also responds well to welding and can be machined easily. 6063 channels are frequently used for irrigation pipes, furniture, railings, and building components.

Aluminum Channel Products