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Pre-Employment Inquiry

Pre-Employment Inquiry Release

    In connection with my application for employment with Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc., I understand that Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc. will investigate certain information concerning my work habits, performance, reasons for termination of prior employment and character.  I further understand that Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc. will be requesting information from various federal, state and other agencies relating to my driving, consumer credit, criminal convictions and civil matters.

    I authorize Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc. to investigate my records with my employers, schools, references, and creditors, and where deemed necessary, to obtain a consumer report as stated in S603 (d) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  I understand should employment be denied based on information contained in a consumer report obtained from consumer reporting agency, Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc., will furnish me with the name and address of the consumer-reporting agency.

    I release Clinton Aluminum Distribution, Inc. and any other persons, firm or agent from all liabilities and/or damages resulting from such investigation.

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