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Large Diameter Aluminum Round Stock


Large diameter aluminum bar has many applications in today’s manufacturing marketplace.  A variety of industries including aerospace, semiconductor, tire manufacturing, defense and foundry markets have requirements specifying large sections of round aluminum alloys for critical programs.

The material supply stream for this product has a few options, including castings, forgings and bar stock.  Large castings require tooling and may have a prohibitive lead time; they may also exhibit an unacceptable degree of porosity.  Forgings may also require tooling and include excessive lead times for processing.  If an affordable, readily available alternative is necessary for a time sensitive production schedule, round bar may be the sensible answer.

Clinton Aluminum features an inventory of aluminum rounds that are available for immediate shipment from our processing facilities in Clinton OH and Janesville WI.  The aluminum grades in our general inventory of round stock are chiefly two alloys: 6061 and Duramold 2.  6061 is available in sizes up to 24” in diameter.  The bars are extruded stock up to 20”; larger sizes are forged.  6061 typically has a tensile strength of 45 KSI and yield strength of 40 KSI, with elongation of approx. 12% in two inches.

Large Diameter Rd

As 6061 is one of the most specified heat treated aluminum grades available today, it’s uses are wide and varied wherever a light material with high strength to weight ratio is needed.  There are applications in performance automotive, defense and aerospace, semiconductor, firearms, industrial machinery, general machining (parts) and a plethora of other industries and markets.

Duramold 2 is a cast and scalped round product commonly used in, but not limited to, plastic mold applications.  It is a high-copper aluminum alloy with superior thermal conductivity.  It exhibits excellent machinability and dimensional stability, high corrosion resistance and improved performance at elevated temperatures.  This grade’s chemistry is easily welded and can be anodized for improved corrosion resistance.

The tensile strength of Duramold 2 is 38 KSI with yield strength of 20 KSI and 7-9% elongation in two inches.  It is a valuable material for injection, rotational, composite and blow molds, vacuum and thermoform tooling as well as any processing of plastics with an extremely high melt temperature.  Its mechanical properties will not degrade when exposed to higher temperatures like heat treated grades such as 6061 & 7075.  As it is a product supplied in the “as cast” condition, it’s through-thickness properties are consistent.  Heat treated grades experience a decline in properties across larger dimensions as the tempering and quenching processes do not affect the center mass as effectively as the outer surface.

Duramold 2 is available in sizes up to 38” diameter from our general inventory, but any size of 6061 or Duramold 2 can be procured for inventory if volumes justify.  Our saw cutting services can achieve precision tolerances of +/-.005” on sizes up to 8” in diameter and standard length tolerances of +.125/-.0” for large diameter rounds up to 40”.

Here is a review of the two metals’ mechanical properties for comparison purposes:

Duramold 2
Tensile Strength
45 KSI
38 KSI
Yield Strength
40 KSI
30 KSI
Elongation in 2"

When larger diameter round sizes are required over and above those in our inventory model, Clinton has a solution for that as well.  Clinton’s circle-sawcut plate department is a highly efficient, value added processing center to provide large diameter circles and rings cut from plate stock of any grade: 6061, 7075, 2XXX or 5XXX series.  Thick parts can be supplied from plate sizes too large for a waterjet to process in diameters much larger than any bar sizes available in the market.  We have also partnered with machine shops that have large dimensional capacity to machine round parts from plate sizes that stretch the production capabilities of aluminum production mills.

If there is a part that requires large diameter aluminum bar or plate stock, Clinton has a variety of solutions to add value to your raw material supply stream: large diameter bar inventory ready to process, a highly efficient circle sawcut plate department and integral partnerships with state of the art machine shops.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next requirement.

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