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Kasto Win A 4.6 Saw


If you have been working in industrial metals for a while, then you are probably familiar with the wide array of saw options that you have at your disposal. Especially when using aluminum, it is important to be able to shape and fit your material both precisely and efficiently. That’s why a good saw is a necessity.

KASTO has been working in the carpentry and cutting industry for over one hundred and seventy years, offering tools and machines for sawing and storing metal bar stock and sheet metal. Their products include planning, design, software development, project work, execution, service, and support. KASTO boasts that they develop comprehensive machines and systems that feature interlocking components for metal sawing and storage technology.

Their recent product line of saws, the KASTOwin series, is made up of fully-automated bandsaws that have been designed for mass production sawing of all kinds of materials, including solid metals, tubes, and profiles. These saws were designed in Germany and, according to KASTO, they provide “the ideal conditions for optimum efficiency.”

The first priorities you should look at when choosing a saw are its cutting performance and downtime. These elements will determine how efficient the saw is to work with and from there you can start to calculate the length of time it will take to make a return on your investment.

The KASTOwin line of saws has the ability to be customized for whatever the specific application is thanks to its modular system design. They offer quick motion as a result of the drive and ball screw spindle that helps to control the material feed and the linear guided saw frame. The automatic band guide arm is fully adjustable, with convenient programming via the color touch screen. This means that you can control the incremental feed in order to cut shorter pieces quickly and easily. All of these features allow the KASTOwin series to ensure the longevity of the bandsaws.

Innovation is another important consideration. Manufacturers need to know that their machinery features the latest and most state-of-the-art technology. The KASTOwin models are recognized for their innovative control technology. They have been developed with torsion-resistance in mind, meaning they have a high threshold for vibration absorption. They were built to be both highly precise and as quiet as possible, with easy access for changing blades. KASTOwin also makes safety a priority, exceeding all current safety standards.

Where the KASTOwin really shines is in terms of automation controls. The KASTOrespond software was specially developed for the new line of saws and allows operators to make adjustments for various materials, including solid metal, tubes, and profiles. The system is able to record the forces on the tooling and calculates what the best digital feeding speed will be.

The KASTOrespond system can tell whether the material to be sawed is thick-walled or thin-walled and adjust the contact lengths in response. Whether you are dealing with tubes or the rough areas of solid material, the machine will determine the correct feeding speed. All the operator needs to do is program in the relevant information pertaining to the cut-off length, the number of pieces, and the type of material.

It is important to note that whatever stock you are using can have different sawing characteristics, even when they are made of the same material. For example, the same aluminum alloy from different batches will respond in various ways. One of the innovate features of the KASTOrespond system is that it can detect how resistant a material is by monitoring the cutting force. So while in the past, a saw system would always approach a given material with identical sawing parameters, the KASTOwin saws will vary the infeed according to the specific conditions of the current material.

Another breakthrough that is possible with the KASTOwin system is that even when the amount of material that is being engaged is constantly changing, the saw can adjust. This is particularly critical when dealing with tubes or profiles. Conventional control systems are unable to vary the cutting forces, but the KATSOrespond system can respond immediately.

For example, when the saw band reaches the surface of a square tube, a large number of saw teeth will be in contact with the material. The result is that the saw blade will be quickly overloaded, causing the spaces between the teeth to become filled with material. The KASTOrespond will detect the overload and immediately respond by reducing the infeed. The tool is then gradually advanced at a moderate downfeed speed. When the saw blade breaks through the surface and reaches the sides of the material, the system will reduce the cutting force and increase the feed rate.

Because the system constantly adjusts the cutting force in order to be at the optimal level without ever exceeding it, the KASTOwin saws are able to optimize manufacturing productivity. Operators will be able to save time and reduce costs, extending the life of the machine.

There are certain factors that always must be taken into consideration when sawing aluminum. Compared with other materials, such as wood, aluminum requires a slower saw speed. The variable speed of the KASTOwin makes it very suitable for cutting aluminum alloys.

In addition, the many varieties of aluminum alloys all have unique properties and characteristics, some that are imperceptible. The KASTOrespond’s ability to analyze and detect the material as it’s being fed through the machine and adjust according to the feedback it receives means that you don’t need to worry about aluminum’s variable nature.

At Clinton Aluminum, we purchase our aluminum directly from the manufacturer and work closely with our clients to provide the exact materials they need for the job. Our knowledge and experience allow us to be a true partner to our customers. We have a diverse selection of processing equipment so that we can ship aluminum that is as close as possible to the size and specifications that you require, helping to save you both time and money.

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