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Duramold 5 Aluminum Machined Into Table

Clinton Aluminum, in partnership with Vista Metals, provided a block of Duramold 5 aluminum for a customer open house and demonstration. Paragon Die and Engineering, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has entered into a partnership with Fidia and Delcam to assemble Fidia machinery in Paragon’s facility.

Parogon Michigan Table made from duramold 5To demonstrate the capability of this new machine, Paragon hosted an open house on February 25-26, 2015, with a wide range of attendees interested in seeing the latest technology from Fidia and Delcam. Paragon is machining this Duramold 5 aluminum into a table that features a topographical map of the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan.



We are the midwest’s largest aluminum and stainless steel supplier. For more information on this material, or for more information on the Fidia machine that helped produce it, please contact your Clinton Aluminum representative by calling 800-826-3370.

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