M-1 Aluminum Round Bar

Designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, structural foam, semi-conductor, rotational molds, blow molds, foundry tooling along with vacuum tools. Also used in rubber molds, heating and cooling plates.

Product Description

The M-1 aluminum round bar is a high density alloy that was designed for use in the plastic and mold industries, which use high temperatures. This grade of steel was first made available in 1988 and has since been used for various mold applications. The M-1 alloy has a very tight equiaxed grain structure that’s ametallurgically sound throughout. What achieves this is modern equipment that performs processes like homogenizing, casting and cooling. This aluminum is different than the wrought alloy when it comes to its dimensional stability. When this metal isn’t stress relieved, it still maintains its dimensional stability when being machined. The end product is a metal that has uniform grain structure in all directions and a very low residual stress.

The conformity of this aluminum to nickel coating and hardcoat anodizing is excellent. This metal is frequently used because of its high strength and its cost-effectiveness. When this product is used, it decreases production costs, while at the same time increasing productivity. This is why it is used over molds made of wrought aluminum or steel. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it allows cycle times to become shorter.

The machinability of this alloy is three times better than steel and is considered to be one of the best amongst the other aluminum alloys. It is also capable of obtaining a great surface finish. The weldability of this alloy is great since it has high mechanical properties. It’s common for M-1 alloys to be used in applications like RIM molding, RTM molding, blow molding and rubber molds. When used for injection molding that require between 1 and 12 cavities, the quick cool down rate of this alloy increases productivity.

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