Duramold 7 Aluminum Plate

Designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, blow molds, RIM molds, RTM, structural foam molds, and applications that require high strength aluminum

Product Description

The Duramold 7 aluminum plate was designed to be used in applications involving low volume to product injection molds, RIM molds, RTM, blow molds, structural foam molds and a variety of other applications that need aluminums with high strength. Other than its great strength, this product is sought after for its superior hardness, great resistance to corrosion and excellent yield strength and tensile strength.

The tolerance levels for this product are +.123/.00/-.00 in thickness, +.25/-.00 in width and +.25/-.00 in length. The available sizes for the Duramold 7 aluminum plate is between 9 and 16.5 inches thick, 22 and 48 inches wide and up to 97 inches long.

Thickness Min: 9
Max: 16.5
Length Max: 97
Width Min: 22
Max: 48
Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: n/a
Max: n/a
Tolerances Thickness: +.125/-.00
Width: +.25/-.00
Length: +.25/-.00

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