954 Bronze Tube

Uses include general utility bearings and bushings.

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Product Description

The 954 bronze tube is an aluminum based alloy. This grade of bronze is the most popular of all the aluminum bronzes available because it has high yield and tensile strengths. It also has good machinability and weldability. However, it’s not recommended that oxyacetylene welding be used for this product. Brazing and soldering techniques can be used to join 954 alloys. It’s resistance to wear is good, allowing it to be placed under shock and load without worry of fatigue or deformation. The strength provided to it by the aluminum allows it to be used in until loads up to 50 percent higher than that of leaded-tin bronzes like C932 alloys. Its resistance to corrosion is excellent. Its machining properties are flexible when heat treated and when small instances of nickel are added.

The common applications this metal is used for include wear strips, worm wheels, valve bodies, bearings, gears, marine tools, machine tools, aircraft tools, valve seats and guides, chemical tools and earth moving machinery.

The tensile strength of this alloy is 90,000 psi and the yield strength is 37,000 psi. The machinability rating of this metal is 60% that of the 360 brass. Solution heat treating and stress relieving methods can be used. For stress relief, one inch thick sections should be placed in 600 degrees F for an hour. Then for solution heat treatment, one inch thick sections should be placed in a temperature between 1600 and 1675 degrees F for one hour. The medium to use for quenching the metal afterward is water. Annealing temperatures should be between 1150 and 1225 degrees F, with the same portions and time as heat treatment and stress relieving.

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