954 Bronze Rod

Uses include general utility bearings and bushings.

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Product Description

The 954 bronze rod is an aluminum bronze. It is one of the strongest of the bearing alloys that are copper based. It is also one of the most complex bearing alloys. The aluminum in this alloy makes it very strong, allowing it to be used at unit loads that are up to 50 percent higher than leaded-tin alloys like C932. Due to its higher strength, it doesn’t have good ductility, and doesn’t embed or conform well. This grade of bronze doesn’t have anti-seizing properties like the 932 bronze, but it offers great resistance to corrosion and has excellent strength at elevated temperatures. The electrical conductivity of this metal is 14 percent of IACS.

There are a variety of applications that 954 bronze alloys can be used in, such as valve seats, wear plates, gear wheels, hydraulic valve parts, landing gear parts, worm gears, machine parts, spur gears, pickling hooks, bushings, slides, bending tools and pressure blocks. The machinability rating of this alloy is 30 percent compared to 360 brass. Standard methods can be used to solder, weld or braze 954 bronzes. It’s not recommended for oxyacetylene welding to be performed on this alloy.

For stress relieving, the metal should be placed in 600 degrees F. One inch of section thickness should be placed in this heat for one hour. For solution heat treatments, temperatures should be set between 1600 and 1675 degrees F. This too requires one inch thick sections to be serviced for one hour. Water quenching should be used afterward. Annealing is another process that can be used, which requires temperatures between 1150 and 1225 degrees F. One hour per inch thick section is required.

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