660 Bronze Square Bar

Uses include general utility bearings and bushings.

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Product Description

The 660 bronze square bar can be used for a variety of applications. It has excellent strength, hardness and is hard to wear down, making it a popular choice. This high leaded tin/bearing bronze is alloyed with copper and tin. Industries that frequently use this metal include automotive and industrial. Because it is a medium range bronze, it has proven to be very versatile. The machinability rating of this product is 70, which means it can be machined quite easily. It can also be welded, using joining techniques like brazing and soldering. However, other methods of joining can’t be used, including gas shielded arc welding, oxyacetylene welding and coated metal arc welding.

The 660 bronze alloy can be suitable for applications that need a metal that has good antifriction qualities. Because it can be in sea water without worry of corrosion, it is frequently used for marine parts. It also has high resistance to brine, but not as high as PN1 Phosphor bronze. There are many ways that this alloy grade can be used. Some of the applications that it can be used for include fittings, machine parts, fasteners, pump fixtures, press stuffing box, washers and pump impellers. It can also be used for bushings and bearings that are using medium speeds and loads, along with sufficient lubrication.

The solidus melting point of this metal can be reached at 1570 degrees F. The liquid melting point for this alloy is reachable at 1790 degrees F. Light duty applications are recommended for this grade of bronze. Unlike with other alloys, this bronze grade doesn’t rely on the need for lubrication and conforms great to journal irregularities.

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Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: No Data
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