304 Stainless Steel Pipe

Designed for use in tanks, enclosures, cabinets, housings, dairy, transportation, architectural, chemical and food processing industries.

Product Description

The 304 stainless steel pipe is a chromium-nickel alloy. It contains 8 percent nickel and 18 percent chromium, giving it the name 18/8. This fusion of metals makes this grade of steel highly resistant to corrosion. It is able to withstand high heat zones that would normally cause intergranular corrosion in other metals, such as when stress relieving or welding is performed. It has a low content of carbon, which limits how many harmful carbides are formed. This makes it safe enough to be used for kitchenware, such as saucepans, hollow-ware, and utensils. Because it is able to be deep drawn, it can also be made into kitchen sinks.

Heat treatment can’t be used to harden this metal. Cold working can instead be used to enhance the tensile strength and hardness. When 304 stainless steel is cold worked, it can cause it to become slightly magnetic. It is non-magnetic when it’s in annealed condition. Post-welding annealing isn’t needed after welding this alloy. It also has great formability, which is due to its high elongation and low yield strength. After severe forming or spinning has been performed, it’s best to use stress relief annealing or full annealing as soon as possible in order to relieve stresses it has caused.

Industries this alloy is widely used in include aerospace, food and beverage, dairy, chemical and architecture. It can be used for parts used to handle corrosive products like crude oil, organic chemicals, refined oils, inorganic chemicals, acetic acids and nitric acids. It can also be easily stamped. The machinability of this metal is a 45 percent of B1112 rating.

Available sizes for this product are between 0.375 and 4 inches diameter and up to 240 inches long.

Thickness Min: 0.375
Max: 4
Length Max: 240
Width Min: 0
Max: 0
Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: n/a
Max: n/a
Tolerances Thickness:  +.125/-.00
Width:  +.25/-.00
Length: +.25/-.00

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