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Premier Industrial Machine – Customer Profile – Their Secret: Deliver Great Customer Service



Premier Industrial Machine started 2014, when Nick Koval and his two partners, Keith and Kurt Timmons, needed to find better service for the metal fabrication and machining needs for their Commercial Roofing Company.

Although their company is relatively new, the principals are not new to the business.

“We founded the company on customer service. We treat our customers the way we want to be serviced ourselves,” explained Nick Koval, owner, and manager of Premier Industrial Machine.

Located in Burgoon, Ohio, between Tiffin, Fremont, and Fostoria, the company primarily services the Toledo area, but also travels to Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“I’m active in this business and my partners run the other company,” said Koval. “Premier employs between 8 or 10 people depending on the workload. We work two shifts to keep up with the customer orders and maintain the fast delivery to our customers.”

“We relate to the customer by being honest about what we can do, when we can do it and then come through for them by delivering on our word,” he said. “We do quality work. If something is wrong, we make sure we do everything we can to do right by our customer.”

Hiring Philosophy

wheat-signPremier’s philosophy is that a company can only be as good as their employees. Premier strives to educate and outfit every employee with the tools they will need to be successful in and out of the workplace.

When hiring, they primarily look for two types of employee — experienced professionals who have many years of work in the industry and promising individuals who are eager to learn.

“Our hand picked ‘wiley vets’ help to train our young ones,” he explained. By having the experienced employees work with those who join the company right out of the local tech center, they reinforce how important it is to meet their company’s high standards for customer service.

This helps to cement the company culture while giving Premier a good foundation for growth.

There are not too many new machine shops starting up a business. The costs are very high both in terms of money for equipment and the knowledge needed to create a quality product.

“Everybody talks about how you can’t find good employees,” Koval said. “But we’re not going to listen to that. We are not going to let a hard economy deter us from growing.   We went from zero to where we are now – and we continue to grow all the time.”

New Customers

The work of customer acquisition is important to them and they provide metal forming products to a wide variety of customers.

The company provides a variety of products and services including waterjet cutting, CNC milling, CNC turning, plate and sheet bending, plate rolling, tube and pipe bending, TIG and MIG welding, and CAD services.

Premier makes commercial air conditioning units, fixturing plates for robotics, and structural forms and injection molds for dashboards for Jeeps for companies in Toledo.

In fact, they have even done a large elaborate stainless steel art project for a big wheat milling company.

“We work with a lot of plate processing, so we buy a lot of plate and sheet from Clinton Aluminum,” he explained.  “Clinton Aluminum provides great support in the field which helps us with our customers. Brian is there, if I have question about material. He’s quick to make it happen.”

Much Appreciated

“Clinton schedules for material deliveries to keep our materials and deliver just as needed.  Your terms and service are good… and so is your product.”

“We count on you in a pinch and appreciate the extra work and effort to pull strings to get the product to us early,” Koval said. “We know when the workflow changes, it can interrupt your day, but we appreciate the effort and delivery times.”

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