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Gerber Poultry – Customer Profile


Better Tasting, Farm-Raised Chicken

Located near Kidron Ohio, Gerber Poultry raises and processes great-tasting certified humane all natural, antibiotic free chicken.

It all started in 1952, when Dwight and Melva Gerber began by selling produce, eggs, and chickens that were grown on local family farms. Customer requests led Gerber Poultry to focus on chickens and today the company has grown to 500 employees and is owned by Mike, Sue and Tim, the second generation of the Gerber family. Third generation family members are involved in daily management and decision-making roles in the company.

“Quality worth crowing about” was Dwight’s first motto. That message still holds true today. The Gerber family is very proud of the quality reputation their chicken has earned over the years.

They market fresh whole birds, cut-up parts and boneless skinless breasts and thighs with the brand name Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken™.

The chickens are raised on 125 family farms, most of them Amish, with plenty of room to roam before coming to the modern slaughter, processing and packing plant.

Gerber Poultry distributes its fresh chicken products to customers throughout Ohio in its own fleet of company trucks. Regional distributors sell Gerber’s products in approximately sixteen states.

Besides packaging Gerber’s Poultry products in case-ready trays for retailers, the company also offers an additional line of products of whole and cut-up parts sold for use in the food service industry.

Better Tasting Chicken Factory2

“We continue to believe that customers want the highest quality and best tasting chicken products available,” explained Brian Geiser, maintenance supervisor.

One way the company separates itself from the competition is by feeding their chickens a diet consisting of the high quality vegetarian feed, which has resulted in a fierce loyal following from their customers.

“Our customers particularly like to do business with Gerber Poultry because we do antibiotic free and a smaller bird,” said Geiser. “We found a niche there that a lot other companies aren’t interested in dealing with. We are all about the quality of the chicken, not the quantity. We focus on the quality bird. Our feed rations and what we use for feed helps to give us a better tasting bird.”

Stainless Steel for Quality

Clinton Aluminum supplies the company with the stainless steel required for use at their plant.  Just like fresh clean chicken that has a natural great taste has always been the standard for Gerber Poultry, the company uses stainless steel as a standard for their equipment throughout the processing plant. Stainless steel ensures that the equipment remains rust and corrosion resistant and helps to make it easier to keep clean.

“Clinton Aluminum supplies us with the stainless steel that is used all over our factory.” said Geiser. “The stainless steel is used in the core machines and on our conveyor belt. Basically, your stainless steel is all throughout our plant.”

Service from Clinton Aluminum 

He saiFactoryd that Gerber Poultry also really relies on the speed of service from Clinton Aluminum.

It makes a big difference in their business when they receive fast quotes on materials, prompt phone calls back and fast delivery by the truck drivers.

“I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the employees of Clinton Aluminum,” he said. “We appreciate your efforts.”

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