Duramold-2 vs 6061, A Comparison

As every manufacturer knows, picking the proper material for a job is one of the most important factors for success when it comes to making products that are of superior quality and consistent performance. Many factors go into selecting the … Read More

Best Aluminum Alloys For Machining

Aluminum, because of its flexibility and adaptability, as well as its numerous alloys, has a range of industrial uses, including tooling and welding. It’s low cost and formability means that it’s ideal for prototyping, and its particular properties make it … Read More

The Best Aluminum Alloys For Welding

When it comes to welding, choosing the right material is one of the most important considerations for a manufacturer. This is especially true when you are working with aluminum. With so many alloys to chose from, and with so much … Read More

Aluminum Alloys Used In Guns

As a material that is renown for its low density, versatility, and strength, aluminum is critical to a wide swath of industries, from aerospace to food and beverage. Its natural attributes also make aluminum a key material in the manufacture … Read More

Why Are Aluminum Mold Plates A Good Choice For Thermoform Tooling?

The thermoform tooling process can be quite complex and involves a number of technical steps that require precision parts and handling. It is critically important to choose the best materials for the job, as mistakes and sub-optimal performance can cost … Read More

How is Aluminum used in Thermoform Tooling?

Thermoform tooling is a manufacturing procedure for producing the tools needed in the thermoforming process. When thermoforming, the molds used to form the plastic could be made up of many different materials, such as wood or steel. However, one of … Read More

Hokotol vs. 7075

Hokotol, which is a brand name for a modified 7050 series alloy, and 7075 are zinc-rich aluminum alloys that are used to manufacture a wide range of products. With that in mind, here is detailed look at both of these … Read More

ATP-5 Vs Mic-6: What’s Best For Your Business?

If you are in the manufacturing industry, you may have gone into lengthy discussions with peers and colleagues about ATP-5 vs Mic-6. Before we begin the comparison, it is best to find out as much as we can about both … Read More

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Hokotol vs. QC-10

At Clinton Aluminum, we strive to provide the best quality alloys for all our clients’ fabrication needs. Various industries we serve include electronics production, building construction, machine construction, and many more. One of our most popular products is Hokotol, and … Read More


Aluminum Used In Performance Racing Industry

It is a common misconception that aluminum, the same material used for cans and aluminum foil, is a weak metal. However, aluminum is both strong and versatile material that is uniquely suited for the performance racing industry and the production … Read More


Aluminum Uses in Gauges and Fixtures

Aluminum is the Earth’s most abundant metal and an incredibly versatile material. The combination of aluminum’s ductility, low density, high corrosion resistance along with its cost effectiveness, makes it a high-quality metal material that can easily be manipulated for a … Read More

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Aluminum Alloys Used in Auto Industry

Aluminum is used as a strong material for various applications, though one of the most popular applications is in the automobile industry. Through the use of this strong, yet lightweight material, numerous products are able to be manufactured and distributed … Read More

CNC Machine

High Speed CNC Machining

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computers to oversee and control various machine tools, including lathes, routers, and mills. The process is used all around the world, particularly in the metalworking sector. Companies that utilize … Read More

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Aluminum Uses in Thermoform Tooling

When it comes to the use of aluminum thermoforming, it refers to a process by which tools are produced from machined billet plates of aluminum under both certain temperatures and pressures. While many elect to use wood for this purpose, … Read More

Tsune circular saw for cutting aluminum

Tsune Circular Saw

The Tsune TK5M-150GL is an industrial circular saw designed for high-volume cutting. This particular machine is designed specifically for cutting aluminum and comes equipped with a six inch diameter blade. The TK5M is specifically designed with industrial applications in mind … Read More

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Which Aluminum Alloy Bends Best?

“Which aluminum alloy bends the best?” is a a common question customers want the answer to. In this post, we’ll explain it to you. Background In high purity forms, aluminum is soft and ductile. Bending is a delicate and demanding … Read More

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How Different Alloys Were Developed

An alloy is a mixture of at least two or more metallic elements, usually made for the purpose of creating a new product which has greater strength and/or corrosion resistance. In this post, we’ll share how different alloys were developed. … Read More

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Specially Customized Aluminum Extrusions

In addition to being the Midwest’s # 1 supplier of aluminum and stainless steel plate products, Clinton is also a leader in providing specially customized aluminum extrusions. We work with our customer’s engineering department to determine the exact size and … Read More

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Welding Data For Duramold-5, Duramold-2, M-1 and Alumold

In this post, we provide preparation, equipment specifications and welding data for the following four aluminum products. Click on any product to jump to it on this page. Products 1. Duramold-5 2. Duramold-2 3. M-1 4. Alumold 1. Duramold-5 Preparing … Read More

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Anodizing of the CT&J Plate

The 5083 Cast Tool & Jig Plate is designed to respond well to bright dip anodizing, a process which enhances both the aesthetic appeal and durability of an aluminum product. What Is Anodizing? Anodizing is a form of electrolytic passivation … Read More

What Are The Advantages of the Cast Tool & Jig Plate?

Cast Tool & Jig plate (CT&J) is a generic reference for several different types or name brands of CT&J plates.  The two brand name CT&J plates Clinton carries are the Vista ATP-5 and the Alpase K100-S plates, which are both … Read More

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Which Plate Products Offer The Best Flatness Tolerance?

Clinton Aluminum offers two different aluminum plate products with superior flatness tolerance: the ATP-5 Aluminum Tooling Plate, and the K100-S Aluminum Tooling Plate. These two products offer different strengths and capabilities depending on what you desire. They both are recognized … Read More

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Conflict Minerals

“Conflict Minerals” are minerals containing tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold such as cassiterite, columbrite-tantalite, coltan, and wolframite which originate in countries of conflict including: Angola, Burundi, Congo Republic, Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Zambia, Rwanda, … Read More

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OESA study

Clinton is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 OESA vendor tooling study. This study covers every aspect of the $10B vendor tooling market. Data was compiled from all the North American OEM automakers, 25 Tier One suppliers, and … Read More